Mahoro International is an non-profit organization which has at heart to bring long term change, peace, and relief to underprivileged communities, primarily by investing in education of both children and adults.


Partnership with Glory Outreach Church


We're extremely excited to have been able to partner with Glory Outreach Assembly, a local church in Bujumbura, Burundi to start a local K and pre-K school. Primary education in Burundi is struggling, is difficult to join, and is prohibitevely expensive for poor populations. The board of Glory Outreach laid out a vision of starting a school at very low cost to families, which would be self sustaining within a few years. Members from Glory Outreach provided their building, school management, and hired teachers. Mahoro was able to raise the funds necessary to the operation of the school for the first year, and we've been able to decrease funding over time so that the school is almost fully self sustainable. The school has grown to close to a hundred students, but has been in decline since the war. We keep hope that as the school expands into more grades, we'll have opportunities to subsidise more children and give them a chance at a full education.



BONTE Nayisavye

Medical Doctorate - Kenya Methodist University


Bonte is a young Burundian woman who wants to be the first neuro-surgeon of her country. She is currently attending medical school at Kenya Methodist University and hoping she'll be able to support her family and help thousands people in her country by providing healthcare to Burundi. Bonte's tuition is $6,765 a year, but her family is only able to provide a few hundred dollars each year. She has completed her first year with 5 years to go to complete her MD. We're actively looking for people to sponsor BontĂ©.



PHD - UCD, Dublin, Ireland


Kieran is currently spending part of the year attending a doctoral course in history of art at UCD in Ireland. His research involves trying to understand how religion and the state work together to fabricate and define civic identity, especially in a new nation made of different ethnicities and language groups, not to speak of various interpretations of the majority religion. He hopes to put this knowledge to use when he teaches, preaches and reaches out with the good news about a personal relationship with Jesus in comparison to the practice of a religion.

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How we got started... 


It all began with a group of friends making a trip to Burundi to meet with and help a pastor and his church make a difference and bring change to Burundi. After several years of back and forths working on educating and helping Burundians together, Mahoro was founded to attract more people to this cause, and to facilitate sponsorships.


Mahoro is now run by a small team of hard working volunteers that live across the US. We're looking forward to working with, and sponsoring more people across the globe as opportunity arises.



For more information about our work, sponsorships, and general inquiries:

Mahoro International

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In this endeavour Burundi, one of the poorest nations in the world, has been our primary focus. In the heart of Africa, Burundi has tremendous potential for bringing peace in a region that's been torn by war time and again.